# 105 – Take a Ski and Cycling Vacation in the Kootenay Lake Area

# 105 – Take a Ski and Cycling Vacation in the Kootenay Lake Area

This Winter We’ve Been Blessed with Unseasonable Sun & Warmth…

fat-bike-(8)And with that, out come the bikes! Whether it’s winter and snow loving fat tire bikes from Gerick’s or regular downhill mountain bikes, road bikes or a Flying Pigeon (okay, we haven’t really seen one of these in Nelson, but it would be awesome if we did!) bikes are out and people are riding!

We have even seen one man, riding down the highway toward Nelson on his road bike with a pair of cross country skis on his back. Apparently just returning from Apex or Busk, our local cross country ski trail areas.

Take Advantage of the Weather and Plan a Ski and Cycling Vacation

Why not? the Nelson Kootenay Lake area is famously bike friendly and hosts quite a few bike tours and races throughout the year. Normally in the winter, the snow is too deep and the temperature too cold for anything but a fat tire ride. But this year’s different. You could conceivably take a cycling vacation and include your favourite winter sports as well.

Combine Snow and Sun for the Perfect Vacation

Whitewater’s base is around 206 cm, one of the top in Western Canada. The alpine has a decent amount of snow this year, and combined with the incredible bluebird days we’ve been having, it’s easy to forgive Ullr for the slightly-less-than perfect powder. In fact, this year, it is entirely possible to go for a ride in the morning and then catch a few runs in the afternoon. Considering that we actually saw someone riding home with his skis on his back…it is conceivable (and someone should do this!) to ride to the hill, do a few turns and ride home.

A more relaxed pace might include a day of downhill biking with a day of downhill skiing to follow. Or, potentially, a day of road cycling followed by a day of skate skiing. You get the idea. We’ve got snow and sun, and enough of both to keep pretty much everyone happy. The trails are clear and people are definitely using their bikes to get around town in Kaslo and Nelson. You’ll be in good company on a bike, especially on the roads around town.

As you may know, all the public transportation around the Kootenay Lake area welcomes bikes, so feel free to take a day trip with your bike and explore the surrounding area. Perhaps up toward Balfour or Kaslo and even across the Kootenay Lake ferry? You might want to experience a portion of the ride around the Kokanee Glacier, from Nelson to Kaslo and back to Nelson, but would like to ride part of the way by bus. That’s entirely possible. The weather isn’t as serene as you’ll experience in late spring or summer, so having a backup plan of using the bus is a great way to get outdoors but stay comfortable, too. The Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism website has tons of information on how to take a cycling vacation in our area, so be sure to check it out and get all your questions answered.

And, of course, if you have any unanswered questions, our Visitor Centres are there to help you out and make your stay with us the best it can be.


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