# 106 – BC Wine Guys in Nelson — Wise, Warm and Welcoming

# 106 – BC Wine Guys in Nelson — Wise, Warm and Welcoming

Right Downtown in Nelson BC Wine Guys Dispenses Wine & Wisdom

Store-interior-slider-768x293The timing couldn’t be more perfect: British Columbia wines have come of age, what some might call archaic liquor laws are loosening a bit, and though it may not be possible to buy a nice bottle of wine in the grocery store as you shop for dinner, you certainly can walk a few steps off of Baker Street and enter BC Wine Guys, where you will be greeted by super knowledgeable and friendly people who can’t wait to show you the most extensive list of BC wines anywhere.

There are over 500 British Columbia wines available in the store, and the staff knows them intimately. Each bottle is a BC VQA wine, so the quality and consistency of the wine is assured. VQA standards were conceived of decades ago to attempt to bring British Columbia wines up to international standards. They have done such an excellent job that the wines of BC have won numerous awards and easily surpassed many international markets. BC wines have definitely come of age.

And so, when you are visiting anywhere in BC, if you enjoy a nice glass of wine with your dinner, trying a new BC wine (or two) during your stay should be a requirement.

British Columbia Varietals Including Pinot Noir

British Columbia has cultivated several grapes that thrive in our climate, including many white wines such as Reisling, Chardonnay,  Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Auxerrois. Recently, reds have become notable as well, especially perhaps the Pinot Noir, which does well in British Columbia’s northern climate. In fact, the Meyer McLean Creek Pinot Noir is a multiple award winning wine, selling for a reasonable $40 per bottle.

Other Pinot Noirs to consider at BC Wine Guys include Volcanic Hills Pinot Noir and Joie Farms Pinot Noir, each in the $20 to $25 dollar range.

Unsure? Don’t Know How to Choose?

Or perhaps you just want to try something different. BC Wine Guys specializes in making sure that you walk out of the store with the right bottle for what you want to experience. Tastings each Friday and Saturday afternoon will introduce you to something new to try, but whether or not you are present for tastings, you can trust that whoever serves you will ask the right questions and lead you to the bottle you were meant to enjoy that evening.

How do I know? I have gone undercover and recently finished an extensive investigation to test their knowledge, patience and proclivity toward reasonably priced, excellent wines. The outcome? Seriously impressed. An example:

Me: Good evening. I have an unusual request.

Jon: Sure. What do you need?

Me: Well, I’m not sure, but I am about to pick up my children from a sleep over & there is a distinct possibility that they may not have been angels. I need a bottle of wine that _______ would enjoy and that might be appropriate in this case.

Jon: (Who knows the amazing mother personally, of course…) I think I have just the thing. Were you thinking in the $20 range?

Me: (Following Jon directly to the wine.) Thank you!

Jon: (Showing me a bottle from one of their favourite wineries with a picture of little devils on the label.) How’s this?

Me: Perfect.

As usual. Soon after, I went in with a similarly offbeat request. This time a birthday gift for a friend, but with several difficult to fill parameters. Again – the perfect bottle. Soon after, another birthday with completely different needs. Again, the perfect bottle. I’ve walked in and asked for something to match my mood on more than one occasion. Never once has the wine not matched perfectly, and been delicious.

I would like to encourage you to try this for yourself. Go to BC Wine Guys and ask for a wine to match your occasion. Sure, you can be boring and ask to pair a wine with the salmon you just purchased for dinner. Or you can try their patience and knowledge as I have been doing and ask them for a wine for when your children have (possibly) misbehaved, or for a friend who has a certain je ne sais quoi about them that you would like to commemorate with a bottle.

You won’t be disappointed.

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