# 107 – The CUBE Indoor Climbing in Nelson is Here!

# 107 – The CUBE Indoor Climbing in Nelson is Here!

Climbing and Bouldering in the Kootenays is Nearly a Religion to Some

Or at least it seems that way sometimes. Nelson is a hub for climbers in the Kootenay Lake area, and the outdoor climbing opportunities in this area are pretty extensive. Bouldering is especially popular, with many areas marked and mapped. Do check out all the outdoor climbing in the area on our website.

Indoor Climbing is Back in Nelson & Bigger Than Ever

Following in the path of a growing tradition in Nelson and Kaslo, a committed group of volunteers has spent hours and hours creating an incredible climbing space in Nelson.

Cube Climbing Nelson BC

A few years ago, the Gravity Climbing Gym closed, leaving a gap for indoor climbing in the area. Climbers understood the reasons for the closure, but mourned its loss. Instead of giving up, though, they did the admirable (and very Nelson-like) thing: They banded together, formed a non-profit, and raised the money for a new climbing gym.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Certainly, there must have been many people who felt they wouldn’t be successful. The hours were long, the volunteered equipment, materials and time was endless, but in the end, The Cube Climbing Gym opened this winter at the Selkirk College Tenth Street Campus.

The Cube Fills a Need in the West Kootenays

It is the only roped climbing gym in the West Kootenay, so it is a sorely needed and wanted facility. Thousands of hours of volunteer time, over one hundred thousand dollars and tons of buckets of sweat went into the effort, which was ongoing since 2013.

The result, though, is that visitors can enjoy a gorgeous space, with room for 36 climbers at once and, of course, a bouldering area.

We’ve Got the Gear You Need

It’s possible to rent what you need at the gym, and of course, we’ve got some great outfitters right on Baker Street as well. Valhalla Pure and R.O.A.M. are both great options to serve you up some great climbing shoes, harnesses, chalk and anything else you might need for your climbing.

Next Stop: The Cube

The gym is opened from Sunday to Friday. For exact information on hours and rates, please see their website: www.cubeclimbing.com


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