# 68 – Retallack: Mountain Bike Now or Ski Later

# 68 – Retallack: Mountain Bike Now or Ski Later

That Is, if You’re up to the Challenge

Usually, I would encourage anyone to try out the healthy ideas we offer here at 108 Healthy Things To Do. But this time, after careful consideration, I’m not so sure.

Retallack Lodge, which offers world class mountain biking in summer and some of the best Cat skiing in the world in the winter, doesn’t shy away from letting you know that they aren’t for everyone. With ski runs called “Keep up or F*** off” and this: The only “con” mentioned in a review over at Powder Hounds states —

  • This cat skiing operation may not be well suited to those who want to go skiing or boarding at a relaxed pace.

All righty, then.

So if you’re super fit, more than a bit on the extreme side (in fun-loving and sport) and if you generally enjoy playing yourself to exhaustion, this is the place for you.

They’re nearing the end of their mountain bike season, but they’ve still got a few rides left. Check their schedule to see if you find something that fits your needs.

Fun and Games

The entire operation at Retallack seems to revolve around fun, more fun, and games. You’re surrounded by some serious athletes of all ages, but the one thing they all seem to have in common, aside from their incredible athleticism, is their sense of fun.

All packages include steep terrain, full four meals a day, luxury accommodation, guided cat skiing, and use of an avalanche transceiver. Apres includes the possibility of hot tub, massage, hanging at the bar, enjoying some peace and quiet in the lounge and a riotous games room.

 Change of Seasons

“You’ll only be one year older if you wait…” Retallack has been around long enough to know that if you’re in the running to be one of the chosen potential guests, it’s inevitable that you’re going to end up there one day. May as well be this season, right? And this season, from what I understand, is supposed to be a La Niña, with tons of the powdery white stuff to ski on.

Retallack is one of those rare lodges that you can drive to on a well-maintained highway. Located about 90 kilometers from Nelson, transportation is available from Gravity Adventures if you are in need.

Stop in at Kaslo, Ainsworth Hot Springs, or Nelson for some delicious food and some relax time before or after your bike or ski. Lots of accommodations to choose from.



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