# 69 – Deconstructing Dinner — Film Festival Coming Soon

# 69 – Deconstructing Dinner — Film Festival Coming Soon

526f35a767070-dsc_0245-1Deconstructing Dinner Film Festival is an Annual Nelson Tradition

Within the context of gathering a community together to listen, inspire, contribute and learn, Jon Steinman of Deconstructing Dinner hopes to grow a resilient and vibrant culture of food.

Deconstructing Dinner is a film festival combining excellent food and drink, people who care deeply about our food and where it comes from, as well as some of the most thoughtful and entertaining movies on the subject of food. The film festival events often sell out, so be sure to buy your tickets in advance if you plan to attend.

Beginning October 1st —

From October 1 — 4, Deconstructing Dinner’s annual Film Festival runs in Nelson at various locations. Beginning Wednesday, October 1st, 6:30pm at the Spirit Bar with Vanishing Pearls chronicling the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, this evening also features oysters, beer tastings 100 Mile Pizza and live music. You can get your tickets and more information online.

Thursday evening’s event takes place at The Civic Theatre, Nelson’s non-profit, community run movie theatre. Featured movies are Just Eat It and The Last Shepherd. Just Eat It runs at 7:00 and The Last Shepherd follows at 9:00pm. See one movie or stay for both. Again, tickets can be purchased online, where you can also get more information about these incredible films.

Friday evening brings All in This Tea at Expressions, beginning at 7:00. This 2007 film takes a look at the ancient world of tea in China, bringing out some of the finer points in this ancient tradition. This film was an Official Selection, 2007 Hot Docs and in the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival. Check out Deconstructing Dinner online for more information on this film and everything that is going on Friday evening at Expressions Cafe.

Finally, Saturday brings us films all day long at the Civic theatre! The schedule for this event includes:

2:00pm – The Last Ocean
4:00pm – No Land, No Food, No Life
5:30pm – Dinner @ BITE Truck Poutine Bar
7:00pm – Quebec on Film: Sugar Shack / The Sower (Le Semeur)
9:00pm – Bean to Bar (and Local Chocolate-Maker Showcase)

You can either pay $10 per film, $17 for either the first set or the second set, or $30 for the whole lot. Go to the Deconstructing Dinner website for more information on each of these films as well as to purchase tickets online.

We hope to see you at the festival! If you need information on where to stay while attending the festival, hop on over to the Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism website for more information.

View some of the TV episodes to get yourself in the mood.

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