# 87 – Try Ice Fishing This Winter Near Kaslo and Nelson BC

# 87 – Try Ice Fishing This Winter Near Kaslo and Nelson BC

Ice Fishing is Just One of the Many Wintry Activities to Try

Have you ever been ice fishing? When the thermometer dips below freezing, it’s time to turn to the colder sports. Hiking is over until spring, but now you can go cross country skiing and snow shoeing. Running is out until spring (well, not for the hard core runners in my neighbourhood…) but you can skate ski. While you can’t go fly fishing again until spring, you can go ice fishing. Ice fishing is an old sport, and a popular one in Nelson, Balfour and Kaslo. Though perhaps more associated with climates that get really really cold, a few of our local lakes do freeze over, and ice fishing is quite popular on them. According to a great article over on How Stuff Works, ice fishing is a “great sport that’s as much about camaraderie and getting a little recreation in during the frigid winter months as it is about catching fish.”

Kootenay Camaraderie Perfect Fit for Ice Fishing

The Kootenays are known for our hospitality and general laid back kindness, and the sport of ice fishing is a perfect fit for that attitude. Generally speaking, you’ll find friendly anglers when you go out on Fish or Bear Lakes near Kaslo during the mid-winter months.

Make sure to dress very warm when you go ice fishing. You’ll want a base layer and a top layer, as well as jacket, mitts, hat and warm socks and boots. Consider hand and foot warmers as well. You can be waiting quite a long time for the fish to bite, and it can get bitingly cold out on the lake as you wait!

Ice fishing equipment can include a drill, ice chisel, bucket, fishing rod, net, and of course a seat for while you wait for the fish to bite. As with any sport, there is a ton of specialized equipment you can buy, and if you need any specific information about ice fishing in the Nelson Kootenay Lake area, you can always ask at the Gill and Gift in BalfourThey are ready and willing to help with all fishing questions and requirements.

Stay for the weekend or a week and enjoy the many other things to do and places to stay  in the area.

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