# 89 – Kootenay Snowmobiling — Sledding in our Backcountry

# 89 – Kootenay Snowmobiling — Sledding in our Backcountry

 Kootenay Lake Backcountry is Legendary

Kootenay Snowmobiling is legendary and there are acres and acres of it, so enough for everyone to enjoy themselves. There are six main snowmobiling trails around the Nelson and Kaslo area, with warming huts and groomed trails as well as acres of ungroomed area as well. Take a look at Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism’s page about snowmobiling in the area. The Nelson Sno-Goers Snowmobiling Club maintains two cabins, the Meadow Mountain and Crusader Creek cabins. These are available for use on bad weather days and to warm up while out on the trails. They are available for all to use, but the Sno-Goers ask that non-members put a little something in the donation box, which seems fair, don’t you think.

Map provided by Kaslo, 2014.

Map provided by Kaslo, 2014.

The Nelson Sno-Goers Put in Hundreds of Volunteer Hours

The Nelson Sno-Goers maintain over 200 kilometres of trails and grooms another 100 kilometres in the Six Mile-Crusader-Springer-Lemon Creek-Giveout Creek and Redfish Creek drainages. They ask for $10 per snowmobile per day donation to help offset the costs of upkeep for these trails. The Sno-Goers have been around since 1971, supporting snowmobiling in our area.

Kootenay Lake Snowmobiling Season a Long One!

The snowmobiling season lasts from early November to mid-May, with lots of opportunities to sled throughout the acres and acres of backcountry. Because we have such a vast area, there is more than enough room for everyone to play nicely together and share space. The vibe is high and all are out to make sure that everyone has a good time.

Stay in Nelson or Kaslo

When you come to snowmobile in the Kootenay Lake area, take some time to stop over and spend a bit of time in Nelson or Kaslo while you’re here. We’ve got great places to say and tons of dining options no matter what your tastes. Some time relaxing at Ainsworth Hot Springs is inviting too.

Header photo by KDG Photography.

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