# 92 – A Healthy Polar Bear Dip to Start 2015 in Kootenay Lake

# 92 – A Healthy Polar Bear Dip to Start 2015 in Kootenay Lake

Polar Bear Swim, photo courtesy of the Nelson Star.

Polar Bear Swim, photo courtesy of the Nelson Star.

Perhaps the Healthiest Thing on New Year’s Day — A Dip in Kootenay Lake

For so many reasons, a dip in Kootenay Lake is the healthiest option for New Year’s Day. A traditional Polar Bear Dip is a truly Canadian thing to do: Vancouver’s Polar Bear Dip has been a tradition since 1920, with thousands of participants. Though the Netherlands and certain cities in the USA also have Polar Bear Dips, the true New Year’s Day plunge into freezing water for charity Dip is a Canadian tradition. The fact that it most likely started in British Columbia really helps drive home why jumping into Kootenay Lake is a great idea.

Cold Water Cure

Cold weather is surprisingly healthy. And according to Reader’s Digest, cold water in particular is a healthy cure for what ails you. Specifically, cold water can be an effective hangover cure. If you’re suffering on New Year’s Day, whether it be from too much fun the night before, or from stress, poor circulation, lacklustre hair, or wanting to burn an extra 70 calories per day, try a cold water cure. And, if you jump in Kootenay Lake (or anywhere in Canada that participates in a Polar Bear Dip) you’ll also be raising money for charity!

In Kalso, Polar Bear Dippers will be raising money for the local Langham Cultural Centre, which has just been honoured as one of British Columbia’s Best Buildings. The Dip happens in Kaslo at 12:00 pm, and participants will have hot dogs and hot chocolate waiting for them afterwards.

If you prefer, you can take your dip in Nelson, with the Rhythm Ropers annual Polar Bear Dip also plunging at 12:00 pm. Whichever place you choose, jumping into Kootenay Lake on New Year’s Day is a very healthy thing to do!

Cheering is Healthy Too!

If you prefer to cheer the dippers on, that’s a healthy option, too! Making sure that the people plunging in are cheered on and encouraged is also a great, community building thing to do. So if you’ve got it in you to brave the cold this New Year’s Day, but don’t quite want to jump in the lake, take part by being part of the cheering squad and encourage the jumpers!

Happy New Years & Here’s to a healthy 2015!

Top image courtesy of Nelson Star.

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