# 104 – Dance and Move All Winter in Nelson Kootenay Lake

# 104 – Dance and Move All Winter in Nelson Kootenay Lake

Get Your Body Moving This Winter

There are lots of opportunities for powder hounds to keep moving in the wintertime in the Nelson Kootenay Lake area. From touring to Cat skiing to snowboarding to downhill skiing to fat tire mountain biking, there’s something decent to get you outside and keep you outside all winter long.

But what if you’re not that into the fluffy white stuff?

Winter Can Be Long: Keep Moving and Dance!

In some places in British Columbia, in fact all across Canada, winter can seem long and dull. Some people are even known to complain. But in the Nelson Kotoenay Lake area, we don’t complain: We dance and move all winter. We’ve got tons of yoga classes all winter long, which have been mentioned in this blog many times already. For example here. And here. The yoga takes all forms, from flow to Birkham’s hot yoga to kundalini classes. But that’s not the only movement around these parts.

We dance. And we dance and dance and dance. It occurred to me as I was considering this topic, that I may not have ever lived in a community that enjoyed dance quite as much as this one. Beyond the several dance studios that cater mainly to kids’ classes (with boys’ dance classes being especially popular lately) there are many classes for adults, ranging from Salsa classes to Dance Church to JusDance offerings on Friday evenings. Here are just a few of the many dance classes and groups and offerings happening on a weekly basis this winter in Nelson:

Tango Practica: Monday February 23rd at Finley’s Irish Pub. For five dollars, you can learn the art of the tango and practice with friends  Continuing in the vein: Salsa Level 1 & 2 on March 7th, followed by Cha Cha, Bellyfit, and so many more classes offered by Dance Nelson throughout the city on every night of the week.

Dance Church followed by Dance the Medicine: Every Sunday beginning at 11:00. As the leader, Bernice Rabaais, says “Dance church doesn’t happen inside a church building, it happens inside the temple of your body.” Wow. Dance church uses different music each week, and is followed by Dance the Medicine, a chance to use the art supplies provided and learn from what you danced that morning.

JusDance and Flocking Friday at the Moving Centre on certain Friday nights (check the Facebook page for listings) from 8:00 to 10:00 pm. Just dancing. No alcohol, nothing but the dance. Different music each time leads participants to explore dance in a safe and secure space.

Literally something for everyone.

Nightclubs Bring in the Bands to Help You Dance and Move All Winter:

And then there are the nightclubs with dancing until the wee hours of the night. For example, at the Royal on Baker on February 24th, we’ve got the Rip n’ Dale Dance party from 9:00 pm to 12:00 am. Check our events calendar for even more bands and dance parties. The list is long and the bands endless.

Winter can feel long and at some point around late February, even the most intrepid skier may long for the flowers of spring. But when you’re surrounded by a healthy community full of people who move to the music, whether it be on Sunday morning or Friday night into the wee weekend hours, you know you’re going to feel great, even on the coldest nights.

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 Cover photo courtesy of the Moving Centre.


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