# 95 – Immune Boosting Ideas in the Kootenay Lake Area

# 95 – Immune Boosting Ideas in the Kootenay Lake Area

We Love Taking Care of You During Cold and Flu Season

Whether or not you’ve been hit by a winter cold or flu, you probably know someone who has been. It’s that season, for sure. The Nelson Kootenay Lake region is full of healthy things to do all year round, and in this season, it’s great to remind you that there are wonderful immune boosting healthy things you can do to stay on top of your game. And, if you need it, we’ve got great health care options: From relaxation techniques at yoga studios and ashrams; to regional hospital and traditional Chinese medicine doctors and naturopathic doctors; to herbal medicine dispensaries and pharmacies; we’ll take care of you.

Prevention: Stay Healthy

Of course, if you can, staying healthy all season is wonderful. And we have many ways for you to stay healthy and keep yourself in top shape so you don’t end up in bed with a fever this winter. From practicing yoga to exercising outdoors or at the local Nelson and District Community Complex, there are tons of options to get and stay healthy. Try hockey or curling or backcountry skiing. As you walk along our main streets in Nelson and Kaslo, you immediately notice the sheer number of shops dedicated to athletics and exercise. It’s definitely an important value for us, and we love sharing it with you.

So have fun and stay active.

Healing Options: Feeling Better, Fast

Of course, you may still get sick. It happens. The Nelson Kootenay Lake area has great health care options including a regional hospital and many health care centres. There are several pharmacies, including a compound pharmacy right on Baker Street as well.

Alternative Healing Options

Nelson offers quite a few options to those who might want to try alternative methods to keeping healthy. Way of Life Matters, located right downtown in Nelson, offers workshops as well as nutritional consultation and bodywork. We have a Traditional Chinese Medicine college as well, the Academy of  Classical Oriental Sciences. The college has a dispensary selling Chinese herbs and books on TCM healing practices. Our local Kootenay Co-op, the largest independent co-op grocery store in Canada, has a large and well stocked complementary medicine area, with homeopathics, herbals and nutritional supplements at very competitive prices.

Massage and Acupuncture

Nelson and Kaslo have many trained massage therapists as well as acupuncturists and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) doctors. Take a look at the listings on the Nelson Kootenay Lake website for practitioners.  We hope you stay well and healthy throughout this winter season, but if you need an extra bit of care, we’ve got everything you need.


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