# 63 – Top Ten Things To Do in Nelson — Footsteps Eco Adventures

# 63 – Top Ten Things To Do in Nelson — Footsteps Eco Adventures

Hiking through the old growth forest.

Hiking through the old growth forest.

Creating Adventure in Nelson — One Step at a Time

You have a lot of options when it comes to things to do in the Nelson Kootenay Lake area, so the fact that Footsteps Eco Adventures is rated as one of the Top Ten Things To Do in Nelson is definitely saying something. Enthusiasm for adventure is what drove Leah Brown to create Footsteps Eco Adventures back in 2010. And while they offer a host of adventures in the area, including mountain biking, hiking and paddling tours, one key service they provide is a shuttle from Gerick’s Cycle and Ski every Tuesday and Sacred Ride every Thursday afternoon at 5:30pm. The cost for the service is $15 and Footsteps Eco Adventures can also arrange bike rentals for you if you need them.

The bike shuttle is a popular option, and, as one fan put is on Footstep Eco Adventure’s Facebook page, “This time of year you can’t be too picky on only riding when the weather is perfect…get out there and enjoy the trails. …better going riding in a little rain having fun than sitting on a dry warm couch doing nothing.” Very well put. And, I might add, having a super enthusiastic and knowledgeable person such as Leah Brown shuttling you to the trails probably helps keep the vibe high.

Helicopter drop for the backcountry trip.

Helicopter drop for the backcountry trip.

Footsteps Eco Adventures is one of the Best Things To Do in Nelson

There are a ton of awesome things to do in this area, and all of them resonate for different reasons. But reading through comments made about what Footsteps Eco Adventures offers, I realized that this little adventure creator is one of those special gems. Again and again, people comment on Leahs enthusiasm and knowledge. And how much that combination added to their Nelson experience.

The adventures that Leah has provided for people around the Nelson Kootenay Lake area include a host of private day tours for groups of four or more, kids adventure camps, paddling adventures, multi day backcountry tours and more. All the details are arranged for you, everything is taken care of. All you need to do is show up with your best self and be ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime.

Adventure Comes Naturally to Leah Brown

I so enjoyed listening to Leah let me know why she does what she does. Taking people on adventures and creating adventures for people not only seems to come naturally to her, it is obviously what she loves to do. And when she’s able to do what she loves, the people she takes on adventures are happy, too. Getting people out in the backcountry, out in nature, as she puts it, “it’s the best place to be. It brings out your purest self…and I love creating that for people, too.

“Right out of college, an adventure business is what I always wanted to do,” she says, and, as she tells me her story, it dawns on me that grit is one of the key markers of success. Interestingly, nothing in Leah’s voice reminds me of grit. In fact, if I had only listened to the cadence and sound of her voice as she told her story, I would have only heard a light, fun filled day-long adventure with no dips in the road. 

But a combination of tons of experience, an advanced wilderness first aid certificate, lots of training, and several attempts to get the business just right have gone into what is now Footsteps Eco Adventures. And I think this has all paid off to create the perfect combination of adventure offerings, in the perfect spot (Nelson Kootenay Lake) at the perfect time.

Footsteps Eco Adventures is very active on Facebook, so look for them there to find out all the latest offerings and any updates on times or other schedule changes for the Tuesday and Thursday mountain bike shuttle service. You can also follow her @leahsfootsteps where she posts  regularly with images and tweets of updates. 

 Feature photo and helicopter photo courtesy of Lucy May.


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