# 90 – Traditional Christmas Trees in the Kootenays

# 90 – Traditional Christmas Trees in the Kootenays

Throughout the Nelson Kootenay Lake area there is a sea of beautiful trees.

Throughout the Nelson Kootenay Lake area there is a sea of beautiful trees.

Kootenay Christmas Trees — Home of Traditional Christmas

Depending on where you call home, the fact that British Columbia produces nearly a million traditional Christmas trees annually (900,000), and about half of them are grown in the Kootenays, will be more or less outstanding.

Picture Book Christmas

At Christmas time, our own Kootenay Lake region is in its glory — the area is like a picture book, with snow capped mountains, Christmas trees dotting the landscape and more idyllic holiday scenes per square inch than anywhere outside of “A Night Before Christmas”. Our idea of modern North American Christmas somehow became frozen in the Victorian era, with the idea of a small town main street lit up with holiday cheer and lots of gorgeous evergreens being as close to the ideal as you can get.

Find Your Own Christmas Tree

Nelson and Kaslo embody this image, making our area one of the best places to experience an authentic traditional Christmas anywhere. And a large part of that experience is walking into the woods and finding a Christmas tree to bring home.

Since our area is home to half the trees commercially produced in British Columbia, and a large export market, including into Mexico, but also Alberta and Saskatchewan, it’s a truly lovely place to experience finding your own Christmas tree. It’s free, and all you need is a permit, which is easily obtained online.

Douglas Fir trees make the best Christmas trees, and are plentiful. Cutting trees may be done in certain designated areas, which include under Hydro lines, and along logging roads. Obviously, don’t cut trees down on private property. If you are unclear about whether a spot is acceptable or not, please contact our local Service BC office at 250-354-6104.

Fresh Cut Trees are a Healthy Alternative

As a CBC article notes, freshly cut trees are a healthy alternative to both store bought trees and artificial trees. In British Columbia, when cut from designated areas, cutting your own tree is a sustainable practice as well.

Five Reasons to Cut Your Own Tree: (Hat Tip to the CBC)

1. Add some oxygen into your home. Fresh trees release oxygen into the air, freshening your home.

2. The pine or fir scent from a fresh cut tree can uplift your mood and fight depression. Fir in particular is a great stress reducer.

3. The creative process of cutting down your own tree can be a wonderful artistic experience.

4. Being out in nature is something we all should do more of.

5. A chance to spend time with family and friends.

Take a Walk in the Woods This Season

So make sure to take time to walk in the woods this season, and if you have the chance, cut down your own traditional Christmas tree. It’s a wonderful, free and beautiful thing to do with friends and family, and a very Kootenay Lake way to experience the Christmas season.

For more things to do in the Kootenay Lake area at this time of year, as well as places to stay and great restaurants too, please visit our website, Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism


Relaxing in front of the tree and fireplace. Photo taken at Dancing Bear Inn, in Nelson.

Relaxing in front of the tree and fireplace.

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